Logical Construct selected to join Allen & Overy Fuse

We are delighted to be part of the sixth cohort of Allen & Overy’s tech innovation hub, Fuse. Logical Construct is one of seven companies chosen in collaboration with clients, and joins four existing Fuse alumni and five new LegalTech companies. As Shruti Ajitsaria, A&O partner and head of Fuse, explains: “The client-nominated stream allows Read more about Logical Construct selected to join Allen & Overy Fuse[…]

Reformis article on the ISDA CDM

The third and final article in the Reformis series on the ISDA Common Domain Model has been published, with the focus this time on the collateral management capabilities of the CDM. Industry experts, including Logical Construct’s Paul Kelly, provide their thoughts on how a better data strategy is key to streamlining collateral management processes. https://www.reformis.com/insight-the-isda-common-domain-model-cdm-part-3/ Read more about Reformis article on the ISDA CDM[…]

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ISDA Common Domain Model: Get In Tune

The ISDA Common Domain Model (CDM) is a digital representation of the events and actions surrounding derivatives trading, a standardisation initiative that ISDA has been working on for a few years. Version 2.0 of the CDM included an initial representation of the ISDA Credit Support Annex, and this caught our attention at Logical Construct. I’ve Read more about ISDA Common Domain Model: Get In Tune[…]

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Know Your Master Agreements – be prepared for the next crisis

The frameworks of standard documentation for OTC Derivatives, Securities Lending and Repurchase Agreements have been tested by a succession of financial crises since they were widely adopted in the 1990’s. The Asian currency crisis, the Russian debt default, the Global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis have all forced financial services firms back Read more about Know Your Master Agreements – be prepared for the next crisis[…]


Logical Construct and Thomson Reuters Collaborate on Contract Data Management

Thomson Reuters has teamed up with Logical Construct to help global financial institutions gain visibility into the key legal and economic terms and risks hidden within their legal documentation with a full-service contract data management solution.

“Many financial services companies still face the daunting challenge of accessing data that lies buried in image-based scans of contractual documents,” said Luke Trigg, Managing Director, Logical Construct. “We are excited Thomson Reuters is collaborating with us and leveraging our platform to round out its industry-leading legal managed services for the benefit of global banks and other financial institutions.”

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Seven Deadly Sins of Contract Data Capture

1. Unwitting ‘standardisation’ – the temptation to knock a few edges off a square peg and squeeze it into the round hole provided in the data capture platform, to avoid yet another agreement that’s ‘stuck’, waiting for an upgrade to the application. Of course it will be the provisions where transparency is key that will be swept under the carpet in this way.​