June 3, 2020

Lyncs Core

Contract Data Management for Financial Services

Introducing our purpose built contract data extraction, storage and analytics platform for financial services.

Designed from inception to meet the demanding needs of banking clients. A drop in replacement for failed in-house attempts to solve the contract data challenge; a strategic thinkers alternative to the flood of single use contract analysis platforms.

Luke Trigg, Founder

Lyncs is an operational repository for all contract data

  • A document and scan repository for your contracts
  • Simple onboarding:
    • Built in industry leading Optical Character Recognition
    • Duplicate and Entity detection
    • Machine learning based classification
    • Scan clustering into contract families
  • NLP, rules and Machine Learning based data extraction
  • Built in reporting and dashboards
  • Licensable, modular document processing packs
  • Support for custom project-based extraction
  • Designed to fit into your existing flow:
    • full standards based API for connectivity
    • semantic schemas
    • entitlements, audit and versioning
    • single sign-on support
  • Financial services specific features:
    • Entity management
    • Amendment processing
    • Umbrella agreement support
    • ‘Hard’ data, that feeds operational systems
    • Customisable views to support buy-side and sell-side needs