June 3, 2020

Shock Market Event

Our Lyncs software platform was conceived during the financial crisis. The need to have accurate, detailed and relevant information available very rapidly is a fundamental requirement for any business, but especially so in a crisis.

Unfortunately, it is only in a crisis that the lack of a good source of this data becomes apparent.

In-house and third party software containing a representation of these clauses is discarded in favour of teams working nights and weekends to search through scanned contracts, to answer key questions relating to the crisis:

  • What is my exposure to ….?
  • What happens if my credit rating is downgraded?
  • What happens if my counterparty’s credit rating is downgraded?
  • What happens if interest rates turn negative?
  • Do I have Force Majeure clauses?
  • What termination rights do I / they have?

Our software helps our clients answer these questions confidently, without resorting to basic search. Our software provides the report you need, when you need it, with drill down directly to the underlying contract.

Find out how our clients are better prepared for the next crisis: sales@logicalconstruct.com