Lyncs Roadmap

Welcome to our survey - Lyncs Roadmap.  Your inputs are valuable and will help steer our investment in the product.  The survey should take 5 minutes.

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What are your priority contract types to process in Lyncs

We believe that having all your documentation in Lyncs provides significant benefits.  Which contract types (excluding those already processed) would you most like access to in Lyncs?

[Authoring and negotiation]
Which tools do you currently use to create and negotiate contract documentation?

Please choose the most appropriate answer

[Authoring and negotiation]
Are you planning to adopt ISDA Create for derivatives contract negotiation?

ISDA Create is a new initiative to streamline production of ISDA documentation.  Are you planning to adopt it?

[Authoring and negotiation]
Would you use Lyncs to manage the contract negotiation workflow?

If Lyncs had support for managing the pre-execution workflow, generating draft documents, storing the pre-execution elections and variables so you could manage pre and post-execution contracts in one place, would you pay for the module?

[Authoring and negotiation]
Would you like Lyncs to integrate with a document generation platform?

Integration could streamline the authoring and review process and speed time from execution to data being available. Please provide details.

Would you use direct connectivity from Lyncs to a collateral management system?

Which of the following collateral management systems do you use?

Tick all that apply

Which of these features would provide you with most business value?

Which features would you most value being added to Lyncs?

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