June 3, 2020

Trade Documentation

Capital markets are underpinned by bespoke bilateral agreements that govern the terms of trading.

The importance of this market to the global economy came into sharp relief during the financial crisis when the complex web of interdependencies and in particular counterparty risk was exposed by the failure of Lehman Brothers and near failure of a number of other key banks.

Since then, regulation has forced financial institutions involved in derivatives trading to provide better protection against counterparty risk and increase the transparency of these contracts.

One of the key aspects of this is in unlocking the contractual terms tied up in millions of paper-based contracts, terms which are designed to remove legal uncertainties and provide mechanisms to mitigate counterparty risk.

Financial institutions are often in the dark as to an aggregate view of their own data, let alone how they compare to the rest of the market.

Unreliable data has cost individual banks millions of dollars through mispriced trades, inefficient balance sheet usage, inaccurate collateral calls and resolving subsequent disputes.

Flexible Data Capture

Many platforms available on the market offer only a subset of any banking clients needs; we can cover them all.

Our platform can be used to view your one-off, but highly important client specific documents alongside your high volume industry standard agreements.

Our annotation platform means that throw-away ‘fire-drills’ and data tagging activities become a thing of the past.

A Growing Library of Data Models

Lyncs Trade Documentation Module comes ready with a number of very rich and detailed pre-built data models, including extraction, including foreign language contracts

  • ISDA Master Agreement
  • ISDA Credit Support Annex
  • ISDA Collateral Transfer Agreement
  • ISDA IM Credit Support Annex
  • GMRA
  • European Master Agreement
  • CMOF Master Agreement
  • CMOF Collateral Annex III
  • DRV Finanztermingeschäfte Master
  • DRV Collateral Besicherungsanhang
  • DRV Wertpapierdarlehen Master
  • FBF IFT Master Agreement
  • FBF Collateral ARG
  • FBF Pensions Master
  • NAFMII Master Agreement
  • CDEA