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Logical Construct

Think of a world where you have a structured data interface into all your documents.

Where you can find the documents you need and the data they contain, on demand.

No more filling out spreadsheets to tell you whether a document contains a particular data point.

No more printing documents and highlighting what you need.

No more duplication of effort, or blindly using inaccurate information. Just usable, reportable, integrated, trusted data.

We thought of that world too, that’s why we created Lyncs.

Contract Data for the enterprise

Designed by Capital Markets technicians to meet the real-world demands of banking systems.  At Logical Construct we are passionate about providing a contract data management solution that can fully integrate into the operational processes of a bank.

Having watched banks failed in-house attempts to solve the contract data challenge, we wanted to create software that could be used strategically.  To save our clients time and money in capturing, managing and using data from any document.

Our software is a strategic contract data management system that puts an end to wasted reviews, document revisits and throw-away effort.  By putting the contract at the heart of your feeds, trusted contract data is finally here. 


Our Approach

As veterans of capital markets technology we have created the solution we would have wanted to work with.  Solving the contract data management challenge strategically and in the most efficient manner. 

We have assembled a toolbox of proprietary and market leading tools and techniques and applied them to the real-world challenges experienced every day, in every financial institution, to create a platform that is relied on by some of the worlds largest banks.

Our Mission

To be the premiere provider of Contract Data Management software to the financial services industry by eradicating poor quality data, throw-away projects and needless in-house builds. Our mission is to save our clients wasted time and money in managing their contract data, so they can focus on their core business.

Our Vision

The team behind Logical Construct have been solving this problem since the 2008 financial crisis, having pioneered the first solution to automated derivatives contract data capture. 

We are passionate about eradicating waste in every area of the contract data management challenge – we have solved the most complex part and our vision is to use our experience, partnerships and contribution to industry bodies to streamline every part of the process.

Luke Trigg

Luke Trigg


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Paul Kelly


Javier Soley

Javier Soley

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Tedi Roca

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