Introducing Lyncs

The only purpose built contract data management solution for financial services

Simple Upload
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Drag & drop, bulk load or use the purpose built API to feed scans securely into the Lyncs system. Upload entity reference data for accurate scan organisation.

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Automated duplicate detection and machine learning & rules hybrid auto-classification for more accurate results. Scans are then organised by entity, type and date allowing correct extraction of terms accounting for amendment chains.

Automated capture
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A variety of techniques are used to automatically extract data from the documents combining machine learning and pre-defined rules alongside user-assisted data capture in a blend of the most accurate and effective techniques.

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All stages of document processing are underpinned by a role-based workflow. Documents can be locked to prevent other users making changes, assigned to particular users and promoted or rejected to other workflow states. Full version tracking, audit and data 'time-machine'.

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