Case Study

Digitisation of Pricing SUPPLEMENTS for Tier 1 Global Investment bank

Digitisation of complex pricing supplements to comply with the Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products (PRIIPS) regulatory requirements for a top 10 Global Investment Bank



The bank was able to onboard all their legacy pricing supplement scans and populate the key data into their internal systems.

The link from extracted data to the PDFs within the Lyncs platform ensured the banks internal teams had complete confidence that they could rely on the output data and the API and reference data support made integration simple

Data Points Per Scan


The bank had around 3,000 very complex legacy pricing supplements that required digitisation to feed data into the banks internal systems to meet the Packaged Retail Investment & Insurance-Based Products (PRIIPS) regulatory requirements.

The bank needed to complete the activity over a short period, with a combination of global pricing supplements from EMEA, North America and APAC regions.

Over 50 distinct data points, running to 100’s per contract required capture, with conditional logic to ensure all required fields were completed based on the content.

The output needed to use enumerated values that could be readily mapped to the banks internal systems.

The bank required a solution that could manage the extraction of the complex data structures found in pricing supplements, with accurate capture of monetary amounts and optional / contingent data capture of terms, currencies, interest periods and basis, dates, day count conventions and other key data.

Due to the highly complex nature of the data involved, the client wanted a technology solution that could combine automated extraction into an intuitive and accurate workflow review platform, with full data lineage.

A custom data model was rapidly created using the Lyncs template builder to manage the complex extraction and business logic, ensuring reliable highly accurate output.


Rapid creation of a client specific, complex data mode


Complex extraction including tabular data


Custom reference data lists and custom input data associated with processed scans


Built in business logic and rules to ensure accuracy


API to feed banks systems