The fact that this year the AGM operated as a virtual conference is perhaps a fitting backdrop for the push towards digitisation in the derivatives markets.

While obviously lacking the easy networking that naturally comes from in-person events, the content delivery itself worked very well. It had a more global feel – with speakers and audiences able to connect in remotely from around the world (and the benefit of a lower carbon footprint – ESG being another important topic).

One of the key themes was digitisation in order to drive efficiency whether that be through negotiation (ISDA Create) or more efficient integration, through emerging standards such as the Common Domain Model (CDM).

At Logical Construct we are fans of doing things more efficiently so are highly supportive of these initiatives and the attention they are getting. Our Lyncs platform provides a solution that bridges the gap between these new offerings and the realities that most firms have – a significant stock of existing derivatives and non derivatives contracts, that need managing – nobody wants the inefficiency of having to look in multiple places for data.

If you missed us at the ISDA conference, you can read our paper on Digitisation in Derivatives.