Logical Construct flexes new enhanced data extraction capabilities on loan agreements.

The company has been busy enhancing the core product with a wealth of new features, including an enhanced toolbox of data capture techniques.

Our data extraction is class-leading for our core business areas of trading documentation including derivatives, securities lending, repurchase agreements and other capital markets documents, with proven models providing out-of-the-box data, but loan agreements present a new level of complexity.

Rather than being 10-30 page contracts following a relatively well defined industry standard, we are dealing with 600+ page loan agreements with a fairly unstructured format.

Fortunately the team at Logical Construct have been busy filling the toolbox with new market-leading extraction techniques and we have proven these out in live operations for a leading loan administrator.  Our data model, has some 350 distinct fields, meaning that for the average agreement we are collecting 1000+ data points.

While other data capture solutions have fixated on proving that one technique is better than another, we have been embracing the reality of real-world processing learned from years of live operations in the worlds biggest financial institutions.

This latest foray into the world of loan agreements really validates our approach and product set and will benefit all our clients, existing and new as we take on new agreement types for them.