Stop talking, start doing!

Logical Construct are pleased to launch a new LIBOR module designed for organisations looking for a low-cost solution to automate the first stage of benchmark reform contract analysis.

Recent market surveys indicate a large number of organisations are yet to start tackling benchmark reform, with many completely unsure of the scale of challenge facing them.

Our new offering enables firms to make progress in sizing the remediation effort and slicing-off the first part of due-diligence and remediation for a surprisingly low cost in both time and preparation.

Within the first couple of weeks you can go from a daunting pile of scanned contracts, to having an accurate view on how many contracts you have containing a benchmark rate.

This is an antidote to the inefficient approach of investing time and money in expensive vendor selection processes without having a handle on how many contracts are even in-scope.

Many organisations facing the economic realities of COVID might be trying to work out whether they can manage in-house, or need outside help. Our module will enable you to take an informed view on this and move from being “un-started” to “in progress” for less time and effort.

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