Support for the Bank Resolution and Recovery Directive (BRRD)

Are you on top of your trade contracts with respect to BRRD and the 43 information fields required?

The required BRRD information must be drawn from a combination of transactional, reference and legal contract data.

While most banks will have the transactional and reference data in a digital format, many will not have the required contract data codified.  Fewer still will be able to demonstrate how they could quickly supply the required data in a timely fashion.

The Lyncs platform can help you digitise your legal agreements for BRRD compliance.  Our pre-defined data models cover the breath of European legal contracts, including: Master agreements (ISDA, EMA, DRV, FBF, CMOF), securities lending (GMSLA), repurchase agreements (GMRA), collateral (ISDA CSA, DRV, FBF, CMOF, NAFMI), cleared derivatives CDEA) with foreign language support.

Built-in reporting tools and Application Programming Interfaces mean you can quickly find contracts with ‘third-countries’ (non-European Economic Area, or EEA for short) and check whether the relevant bail-in provisions exist.