To drink your own champagne (or eat your own dog food – “dogfooding“) has come to mean using the software that you develop, to ensure it is fit for purpose and show confidence in it. The “dogfooding” phrase is often attributed to Paul Maritz at Microsoft in the 1980’s where he sent an email ‘Eating our own Dogfood” as a challenge to employees to use their software internally, whereas “drinking your own champagne” is attributed to Pegasystems Jo Hoppe much later in 2007.

I wonder how many Contract Analysis vendors use their own software to help run their business?  At Logical Construct we do.

What started as specialist software for digitising collateral agreements and managing counterparty contract risk is also used by us internally for supplier contract lifecycle management and ensuring we effectively manage our ISO certification and policy adherence.  

Starting with solving the most complicated challenges and later adding support for the typical contract analysis needs is far easier than going the other way. Imagine taking some generic software for managing the (relatively) simple challenge of analysing supplier contracts and trying to use it to deal with Umbrella contract structures and multi-layered collateral!

Logical Construct continue to invest in improving their software to meet the ever growing contract data analysis and management needs and we’re pleased to be drinking our own champagne to prove how much we believe in what we’re creating for our customers.